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Don’t Let Website Loading Speed Stop Your Holiday Internet Success

All it takes is one second for a website visitor to decide to leave your page and visit your competitors. In fact, a 1s delay in mobile load times can negatively impact mobile conversions by up to 20%. How to Tell If Your Website Host Will Slow Down Your Holiday Website Success With the holidays… View Article

Debunking the “SEO vs. SEM Which is Better” Conversation

The Difference Between SEO vs. SEM We’re debunking the “SEO vs. SEM” mindset and replacing it with a marketing mentality guaranteed to make you more money: “How SEO and SEM work together.” Why? “I only have so much budget so between SEO vs. SEM which is better for my business?” You’d be surprised how often… View Article

3 Ways to Optimize for Voice Search to Win More Business in 2018

Optimizing for voice search will require a significant change in strategy for your business. Get ahead of the curve and follow these quick 3 voice search SEO tricks you can implement right now to help your website rank in voice search results. “Alexa: how do I optimize for voice search to reach more customers?” 1…. View Article