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How to Optimize Your Website for Google’s Latest Page Experience Algorithm Update

When visitors have a better experience on your website it can lead to greater user engagement, higher ranking on Google and increased conversion rates.

This is especially important now that Google has recently confirmed that its Page Experience algorithm update has been completed. Page experience encompasses all the various aspects of how a user interacts with your website and how well your website meets their expectations.

This simply means that certain factors to enhance a user’s website experience that were not previously assessed for your website in desktop search results will now be taken into consideration by Google.

New Attributes That Affect Your Website Rank

These factors, which were already implemented for mobile devices between June and August, include:

  • How Quickly the Webpage Loads
  • The Amount of Time it Takes Users to be Able to Interact with Clickable Elements Such as Links or Buttons
  • How Much Content Jumps Around as the Page Loads
  • The Presence of Intrusive Ads


Make Sure Your Website Provides the Best Possible User Experience

Owning a website is like managing a store or a restaurant – you have to be concerned about the quality of the visitor’s experience. The goal of the Page Experience update is to promote websites on search results pages that offer a better experience. That’s why it’s essential to have your website fully optimized for the user experience by following best practices, including:

  • Improve Your Site Speed
  • Make Pages Easy to Navigate
  • Boost User Engagement

Data Shines a Light on Where to Improve

There’s two places that can tell you how much your website needs to improve to avoid not being dropped in rankings by this algorithm update.

Your Google Analytics will reveal your average page load time. Your goal should be to get that number under 2 seconds.

Google Search Console has an entire category of data that displays key metrics about your website user experience.

Get Help Creating a Better Experience from ROAR!

Navigating your way alone through Google’s frequent algorithm changes such as Page Experience can be quite a challenge. As you can see, some of the factors involved mean improving by seconds and even half of seconds. In addition, Page Experience is just one of many factors that Google considers when ranking your website.

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