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ROAR! Celebrates 15 Years of Success

Top 5 Things We’ve Learned in 15 Years of Digital Marketing

Believe it or not, back in 2007:

  • Global Internet Usage Just Reached 1.1 Billion (2022 = 5 Billion)
  • Google only had a 56.3% Share of the Search Engine Market (2022 = 92%)
  • Apple Introduced the First-Generation iPhone
  • MySpace had twice as many unique visitors as Facebook
  • Facebook Launched its Facebook Ads Platform

2007 was also the year that ROAR! Internet Marketing opened its doors as a full-service digital marketing agency Orlando with the goal of providing businesses with groundbreaking digital marketing solutions.

As we celebrate our 15th anniversary, we would like to reflect on how much digital marketing has changed in the last 15 years. Here are the top 5 things we’ve learned about digital marketing over our time helping businesses grow:  

1. Don’t Ignore the People Who Want You Most

In 2007, most businesses took a scattershot approach to online marketing. This involved casting too wide a net and wasting money marketing to just about everyone under the sun.

Today, local search is the name of the game. Without an effective local SEO strategy, your business will remain largely unnoticed by a local audience that’s actively looking to seek you out. In fact, approximately 46% of all Google searches involve users seeking local information.

Local search allows you to focus on ranking higher in the search engines to target potential customers in your local area who want what you offer right now. For most of our clients, leads that come from local search have the highest conversion rate to sales and yet, still today, many businesses ignore this critical channel. In fact, according to Google, only 44% of businesses have claimed their Google Business Profile, a must-have asset to get in front of the people who want you most.

2. If You Don’t Know the Target, the Weapon Doesn’t Matter

Today, you have to be supremely focused. In order to implement a successful digital marketing strategy, you must identify the words people use to search on Google to find your product or service. That means you must research the phrases you MUST rank for either via paid search or organic search.

Many businesses are now focused on what they CAN rank for rather than what they SHOULD rank for. In other words, not all keyword phrases are equal in value. Easily ranking for a bunch of random keywords may give you some No. 1 rankings to boast about, but this approach is totally meaningless since it will generate zero profit.

3. Pay Close Attention to Your Online Reviews

Believe it or not, approximately 93% of Internet users have made buying decisions based upon an online review. Since online reviews have a significant impact on how customers make buying decisions, you need to develop a consistent strategy on how to respond to both positive and negative Google reviews. This will help you not only attract new customers, but also enhance your credibility and build long-term loyalty among existing customers.

Make sure to express appreciation for positive reviews and let the customer know you appreciate their valuable feedback. Share these positive Google reviews on your social media feeds or as testimonials on your website. In addition, encouraging existing customers to write reviews about their experience with your business in a recurring, methodical way, is critical for digital success.

Conversely, be sure to respond promptly and thoughtfully to any negative review as well. Give the customer an opportunity to reach out offline by call or email to help resolve the issue when appropriate. Also, once the issue has been resolved, touch base with the customer and ask if they would consider updating their negative review into a positive one.

4. Don’t Underestimate the Change Around You

Today, digital marketing is characterized by constant and rapid change. That’s why it’s essential to not get emotionally attached to tactics and platforms that may no longer be working for your business. Many businesses get stuck in current trends and use them as the foundation of their digital marketing strategy for years to come (even when they’ve become totally outdated).

You must be committed to testing new strategies and tools to discover the online breakthroughs that will help you dominate your industry. The ability to adapt is key. Don’t ever be afraid to experiment to find out what works and what doesn’t. Stay flexible and never stop evolving.

Consumers change. Technology changes. Lexicon changes. You have to change your digital strategy to keep pace.

5. Create a Better Mobile Experience

Mobile devices now make up approximately 63% of online searches. When you think about what your website looks like, do you think of what it looks like on a desktop computer? Today’s consumers are mobile. You have to think mobile. Design mobile. Analyze mobile.

Today we still see businesses evaluating their digital strategy from a desktop point of view, a perspective many of your customers may never see. Don’t just assume the technology made a great mobile experience from your approved desktop design. See the world from your customer’s point of view and THINK MOBILE. 

Optimize Your Digital Marketing Strategies With ROAR!

At ROAR! Internet Marketing, our experienced digital marketing agency can help transform your digital marketing with proven strategies and techniques. Contact us today to schedule a zero-obligation consultation with our digital marketing experts.

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