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Vein Clinic Digital Marketing For Your Best Year Ever

Recent Vein Clinic Marketing Success

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18% Increase in New Patient Requests in 2023

What’s it like to have advanced and experienced digital marketing supporting your vein clinic? How about an 18% increase in new appointment requests. The same techniques propelling this vein clinic could be helping your vein clinic.

Graph of vein clinic digital marketing results

Time Period: January 1, 2023 – April 30, 2023 compared to the prior year

Proven Digital Marketing Techniques to Grow Your Vein Clinic

For over 15 years, we’ve attracted vein clinic patients for vein clinics all over the country with vein clinic digital marketing strategies that produce measurable results. Our experience will help you avoid expensive mistakes.

We know the difference of what it means to you when someone searches the name of a treatment you offer and what it means to you when someone searches a symptom related to your treatments. And it is a BIG difference.

We can get you to growth mode faster. Take a look at our differences below.

Growing Vein Clinics For over 15 years

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Rely on our Vein Clinic Digital Marketing Expertise

We’re vein clinic digital marketing experts so you and your office manager don’t have to be. And when you want to know exactly how we do it, we show you. No 45-page reports. No jargon-filled answers – just great collaboration focused on making your practice successful.

In today’s world, we’re a bit unique. All of the people who will work on your account are our full-time employees and all are here in the United States. Our office is just outside of Orlando, Florida.

That’s not the case with most of the companies that do what we do. Most are shells for work that is actually done overseas.

If you feel your digital marketing hasn’t reached your vein clinic digital marketing goals or if you feel like your current agency just doesn’t get you, here’s all the vein clinic digital marketing services we offer (and we’re putting them in order of the ones our vein clinic clients are most successful with):

  • Local Search (the single most important part of any vein clinic marketing plan)
  • Paid Search
  • Organic Search
  • Email Marketing
  • Data Analytics and Analysis
  • Website Development
  • Paid Social Marketing Ads

Compare that to how your digital marketing budget is being spent.

What Doesn't Work in Vein Clinic Digital Marketing

You’ve seen it – the photo of the pretty couple happily walking on the beach typically in white clothing supposedly inferring that their vein troubles are behind them. That’s not what most of your patients look like, right? That’s important because today’s potential vein clinic patients are savvy. They are trying to solve a problem. They have an enormous appetite for information. We know where they look, how they look, when they look and what they look for. (And it’s not for pretty people walking on the beach.)

Couple walking on the beach

Think about how much faster your vein clinic digital marketing improves when you remove the trial and error – when you start with what’s proven. The more your practice is front and center when your potential patients are online doing their research, the more patients you’ll attract.

Every vein clinic we work with is different. Some are pure vein doctors, some cardiologists and some have add-on cash-pay treatments. Your individual practice goals are our goals. We customize a vein clinic digital marketing strategy for you. We don’t merely use software to select “medical practice,” and push a button to execute a software-driven strategy like some of our competitors.

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“Your individual practice goals are our goals.”

—Matt Weber, President, ROAR! Internet Marketing

The Vein Clinic Digital Marketing Checklist

Let’s have a no-obligation conversation to go deeper, but here’s a list of must-haves for an effective vein clinic digital marketing strategy:

  • A tested data gathering plan. Bad data equals bad decisions. You have to have good data.
  • Specific landing pages that are proven to convert visitors to new patient leads. Most vein clinics can get more patients tomorrow by more effectively converting existing visitors than trying to get more website visitors.
  • A local search profile that creates website visibility when people search specific phrases plus the names of towns and cities near your office(s).
  • A short list of must-have keywords that are researched and critical to your success. You CAN rank for a lot of phrases, but you HAVE to rank for only a few. Know the list.
  • A long-term plan to add content to your website to rank for your must-have phrases.
  • A short-term plan to use paid search to fill in where you currently don’t rank well.
  • A system to judge and report the quality of incoming new patient leads.

Ever wonder what the most important keyword in vein clinic digital marketing is?

We’ve figured it out.

Find Out For Yourself

Are We Right for Your Vein Clinic?

There are a lot of digital marketing companies out there, but not that many that have been specializing in vein clinic digital marketing as long as we have. No matter how big your practice is, you not only put a sizable digital marketing budget at risk, but also a great deal of your time and attention when you pick a digital marketing partner. Take 20 minutes and have a no-obligation call with us. Talk to our references. Choosing our experience and success may be the biggest savings in money and your time you will find.

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“Wow that is amazing! We will trust you with all things WEBSITE going forward”

—Patty Magnant, Creative Director and Public Relations, Vein Specialists