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The One Place Vein Clinics Waste More Marketing Money Than Anywhere Else

See how the right vein clinic paid search strategy can grow your practice.

Vein Clinic Marketing

Picking Winners and Losers in Paid Search for Vein Clinics

Paid search plays a pivotal role in the success of your vein clinic. With its ability to reach people actively seeking solutions, paid search is an effective way to target potential patients who are ready to make a decision. However, not all paid search opportunities are created equal. Target the right, proven keywords to maximize your return on investment.

A typical vein clinic Google Ads search campaign typically features several basic components:

  • Keywords Related to the Practice Brand Name
  • Keywords Related to “Vein Doctors” and “Vein Specialists”
  • Keywords Related to Vein Disease Symptoms
  • Keywords Related to Vein Disease Treatments

However, one of these components never produces results, yet vein clinics continue to bid on them. We’ll show you why.

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How to Choose the Right Keywords

Keywords related to vein disease symptoms such as “leg pain,” “leg swelling,” “bulging veins,” and “ankle swelling” are constant losers.

They rarely attract searchers who call the practice or complete a request an appointment form, which means that bidding on these keywords is a total waste of money.

Look at these actual Google Ads results from our clients before we started working with them.

Type of Keywords




Conv. Rate

Cost Per Lead

Symptom Related






Treatment or Doctor






Targeting Keywords You Can't Win

A Losing Battle Against the Big National Brands

As shown in this screenshot that features a sample search for “bulging veins in legs,” big national brands already familiar to consumers commonly dominate the typical Google Search results page for this phrase.

These include such recognizable names as WebMD, Mayo Clinic and Cleveland Clinic, among others.

Because searchers tend to gravitate toward what they are familiar with and trust the most, the ability of a smaller, local provider to get a click, no matter how effective your ad may be, is minimal.

The Winning Formula

Targeted Keywords That Pay Off

In contrast, see the difference in the SERP for “vein doctor” in this screenshot where listings are completely dominated by local providers.

The bottom line is that targeted keywords related to “vein doctors,” “vein specialists” and “vein disease treatments” will drive many more conversions for your vein clinic with a much better ROI than those related to “vein symptoms.”

The Path to Success

How to Choose the Right Keywords

For over 15 years, ROAR! Internet Marketing has attracted vein clinic patients and successfully grown vein clinics just like yours all over the country with highly effective vein clinic digital marketing strategies that produce results.

Our passion for testing and optimization puts our focus on perfecting the strategies that bring more patients through your door.

We’ll customize a vein clinic digital marketing strategy exclusively geared entirely for you.

Take a few minutes and have a no-obligation call with us. Discover how our proven techniques will help quickly turn your website visitors into new patients.

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