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How to Attract the Best Qualified Pest Control Leads

In today’s ever-evolving digital landscape, lead generation is tougher than it’s ever been – especially in highly competitive home services businesses like pest control. That’s why pest control businesses like yours need to rely on proven strategies and techniques to enhance your pest control lead generation strategies and gain that all-important edge on your competitors.

Convert Pest Service Leads into Loyal Customers

When people have a bug problem, they want it solved now. So they go to Google. Every day, millions of potential customers are searching for pest control services from businesses like yours online. The most important element to a successful pest control lead strategy is getting in front of prospects that already have a demand for what you do. These should be the easiest to convert to sales and have the lowest cost per new customer acquisition.

You can get in front of potential customers looking for your pest control service right now through local search (Business Profile on Google), paid search (pay-per-click advertising) and organic search (search engine optimization or SEO). Note that local search is critical to your pest control business as nearly half of searches feature some type of geographic preference by the searcher.

Beware of the Do It Yourselfers

You know what plagues most pest control companies when they advertise online? Do it yourselfers. Unless you are really experienced in this space, you have a lot of trouble separating out the consumers who want a company to solve their bug problem and the people that are looking for chemicals, sprays and other do-it yourself products.

After a decade of successful generation of pest control leads, we know how to tell the difference. That’s one of the ways we keep lead costs lower than our competitors.

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Bugs Have Habits. Pest Control Consumers Do Too.

When your money is spent is almost as important as where you spend it. Take a look at these search volume trends for “pest control company” for two states we work in, Texas and Florida:


Interest in keyword pest control company over 12 months in Texas from Google Trends


Interest in keyword pest control company over 12 months in Florida from Google Trends

As you can see, very few companies have equal online demand for their product or services over a 12-month period. In fact, the demand often varies greatly. That’s why to make your budget go the furthest, you must pace it to match the demand.

Simply dividing your budget by 12? You’re missing some of your best potential to grow your business. At ROAR!, we offer an exclusive Total Budget Optimization program that accurately calculates the demand for your produce or services each month and then allocates just the right portion of your annual budget for each one. Your media budget goes further and you get better results. And it’s only available through ROAR! Internet Marketing.


Over 35,000 Pest Control Leads Generated

Pest Control


Lawn Pest Control

Bed Bug Services

It's Not About Leads; It’s About Great Leads.

ROAR! goes the extra step to work with you on grading the leads we generate with ROAR! Score, our exclusive lead grading tool. We connect where your best leads come from and pivot your digital marketing to get more of exactly the leads you want. ROAR! Score helps you get the very best pest control leads, and it is only available from ROAR! Internet Marketing.

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Take Your Pest Control Business to the Next Level

With our expertise, experience and dedicated commitment to your overall success, ROAR! Internet Marketing will craft a successful digital marketing strategy for your pest control business. We don’t just help you find pest control leads – we help you find customers.

Every market is different, but here’s the services we successfully use for our pest control lead generation:

  • Local Search
  • Data Analytics and Analysis
  • Website Development
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Paid Search
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
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“ROAR! has managed Google Ads for Massey Services for the last 6 years. We look forward to expanding our digital footprint into other areas over the next 6 years with the help of ROAR!”

— David Early, Director of Digital Marketing, Massey Services