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Data-Driven Results that ROAR!

Orlando Digital Marketing Services

5 Things You Should Get from an Orlando Digital Marketing Agency


Our reports are simple, clear and jargon-free. We work together in an open relationship to achieve your goals.


Our 15-year-old digital marketing agency expertise helps Orlando companies like yours succeed in SEO, Pay Per Click Ads, Web Design, Content Marketing, Paid Social Ads, Email Marketing and most importantly, data analysis.

Data Analysis

Data is the differentiator. Our full commitment is to making sure you have the best data collection available. Better data equals better decisions.

Lead Quality

We’re the only Orlando Digital Marketing Agency who has developed their own app to enable you to rate the leads we generate. It’s not about getting leads; it’s about getting great leads.

Customer Service

We have more client relationships that have lasted more than a decade than any other Orlando digital marketing agency. Our clients consistently describe us as responsive and pro-active.


client relationships longer
than 5 years


client relationships longer
than 10 years

“Our business has been working with ROAR! for nine years and we couldn’t be happier with the level of service they provide. Besides their professionalism they are genuinely a good group of people to work along side. They care about their customers and are always looking for ways to improve their customers marketing needs whether through improvements on websites or Google Ads. We look forward to many more years of partnership.”

-Tracie Theune, Premier Pools of Central Florida

Shouldn’t Your Orlando Digital Marketing Agency Be in Orlando?

Our tenured team is comprised of our employees. Our office has been in the Orlando area for 15 years. That’s not the case with every company that shows up when you search “Digital Marketing Agency Orlando.” Many of them are stock photos and off-shore workers.

If You Don’t Know the Target, The Weapon Doesn’t Matter

It doesn’t matter who you choose as your Digital Marketing Agency in Orlando if they don’t immediately help you focus in on the keywords you have to win. You probably have a lot of keywords you COULD rank for, but there is a smaller list you HAVE to rank for. Consumers use a multitude of keyword combinations to describe what you do, but they are not all equal.

In 2022 you have to be supremely focused. Our keyword research puts a select number of keyword phrases at the top of the priorities so you spend less and make more. Other agencies focus on far more keywords than we do because their goal is to find the easy ranking wins so they can boast about achieving a number one ranking even if you don’t make any money.

Do You Need a Digital Marketing Agency That Specializes in Your Industry?

Maybe. In 15 years we’ve seen both. We’ve seen agencies that specialize in certain industries and they bring rehearsed and proven techniques and strategies. But we’ve also seen more frequently digital marketing agencies whose experience in one industry creates a false sense of security and their ineffectiveness is hidden under a veil of a “everyone uses them,” perception of them.

So what should you do? Treat it like hiring an employee. Have your list of questions and critically review how each agency will work with you, what they specialize in and of course, ask for examples of past work. The quality of your relationship with the agency, their communication, their attentiveness will all affect your success as much as their talent.

The No-Risk 24 Hour Test

Let us review your Google Analytics, website and/or Google Ads and if we can’t find a bona-fide business-changing technique for your digital marketing strategy in 24 hours** after getting access, you get a $25.00 Starbucks card on us.

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