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Orlando PPC Management

ORLANDO PPC Management: Why You Can’t Find a Better Choice

There are companies that manage PPC in Orlando and there are companies that live it and breathe it. There are mechanics and there are master mechanics. There are tennis players and there are Wimbledon champions.

If you didn’t get the results you were looking for from your PPC campaign, it may not have been the medium. It may have been the execution.

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The Dirty Little Secret of PPC Management in Orlando

Google has made it really easy to simply get PPC ads up and running. There’s so much automation now. But merely running ads doesn’t lead to success. No matter how much new technology is added, managing PPC ads to get the highest return possible still requires a human expert. We put more human skill and brain power into your PPC management than any other Orlando firm.

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2021 ORLANDO PPC Management Success


Million Dollars




Increase in Leads
Y over Y


Increase in Leads
Y over Y

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Increase in Leads
Y over Y


Increase in Leads
Y over Y


Increase in Leads
Y over Y

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Increase in Leads
Y over Y

Math-egy: Where Math Merges with Strategy

When Orlando PPC management is done right, it breaks down to basic math. We know how much you can afford to pay for a click, because we do the math. Our clients have less risk, because we do the math. Right now, you are probably bidding on phrases that mathematically you can never make money on because no one did the math.

Not really sure if you can make money with Google Ads? Use our PPC calculator.

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What Happens When You Have Too Many KEYWORDS?

Imagine having a pellet gun with 6 pellets and 12 cans to shoot at on a fence. You can’t hit them all, so you have to choose your targets wisely. Most PPC accounts make the mistake of having too many keywords and not enough budget. It’s just like having more targets than pellets. So what happens? Google starts picking the phrases to display your ads and those might not be your most profitable or your most important.

When we manage a PPC account, we want as much control as possible to put everything we can in your favor. This involves refining your keywords to the point that we only focus on the ones making money.

Inside Google Ads, there are a lot of inducements to run more keywords. It’s better for Google if you run more keywords and a lot of agencies think it is better for them if you run more keywords because the more they throw against a wall, the more they hope something sticks.

We don’t think that way. We do the research first. If something doesn’t work in the best-case scenario, it won’t work in the worst. Sure, it’s more work, but the returns for you are much better.

There are Leads and There are Good Leads

Most people manage PPC accounts like a blindfolded person playing darts. Sure, they hit the target once in a while, but there’s a lot of holes in the surrounding wall. Data is the differentiator. Not only do we make sure we are measuring the actions that actually bring value to your company, we designed and developed a proprietary app called ROAR! SCORE that lets you rate the leads that we generate.

Then we turn our attention to not just what keywords did the leads come from, but what keywords did the great leads come from. Now that’s next level PPC management.

2021 PPC Management Success


Accounts Managed


Improved Number of Leads Year Over Year


Improved Number of Leads by More Than 25% Year Over Year


Lowered Their Cost per Lead by More Than 15% Year Over Year

You Wanted PPC Management in Orlando – Make Sure You Get It

Of all the Google results you saw when you searched the phrase “Orlando PPC Management,” this one – ROAR! Internet Marketing – is probably the truest to what you’re looking for. We’re a 15-year-old company that still relies on full-time employees and yes, our office has been in the Orlando area for over 15 years. That’s not the case with everybody that claims to be “Orlando PPC Management.” Many are just shells for work that is actually done overseas.

Here’s a challenge: if you are considering more than one Orlando PPC management company, see how many you can actually meet face-to-face in Orlando. We’re one.

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Managed by Skilled, Certified Professionals

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Led by National Google Supported Trainer

15 Years of Success

No Outsourced Work to Other Countries

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What’s Included in Our Orlando PPC Management?

Most often, it’s not “what” you get with your PPC Management, it’s “how often.” PPC Management is like being the pit crew in a stock car race. Race conditions are changing, the other drivers in the pit stop at different times and your vehicle is sending back data that you have to react to.

And it’s all happening very fast.

That’s why one of the real big differences you want in your Orlando PPC Management is knowing that a human is deeply involved. Your account won’t be static so while many PPC agencies set up some algorithmic parameters and then turn away until report time, we don’t do that.

Here’s what’s included in our Orlando PPC Management:

  • A dedicated, certified PPC account specialist
  • An internal system of best practices refined over a decade
  • Specialized copy writers for effective ad development
  •  A system of global reporting that alerts us to any account falling off its goals
  •  Systemized A/B testing of most important elements
  • Web development and data analytics specialists to ensure quality data
  • Easy-to-understand reports and monthly meetings

Not all PPC management in Orlando is the same. Test us today. See if we can’t find a material and significant opportunity for improvement in your account.

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