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Our Services

Professional Web Design Guaranteed to Bring You Business

  • WordPress Development
  • Responsive Mobile Web Design
  • E-Commerce Website Development
  • Google Analytics Installation
  • Search Console Installation
  • Landing Page Development
  • Page Speed Optimization
  • SSL Key Setup / HTTPS / Secured
  • Third-Party Integrations
  • UX/UI Web Design
  • Website Hosting
  • Website Security

Our Process

Better Custom Websites Start with Better Plans

You know where you want to go, and we know how to get you there. Our professional web design team maps out your goals, ideas, and business objectives, to effectively get you the website traffic, customers, and profits you deserve.

Planning and Discovery

Your custom-built website begins with a casual and exploratory brainstorming session with our entire team. Our probing questions, combined with your insights about your business, build the foundation of a highly-detailed website strategy.

Our web development experts create a deep and robust plan of your website on paper. It is our Conversion and Architecture Plan (CAP), which has been our proprietary technique for producing effective websites on time and on budget for more than decade. Our exacting research and website development planning results in a successful and cost-effective website built precisely for your needs, bringing you more customers and more profits.

SEO and Copywriting

As a Google Certified Partner, we are always monitoring Google’s ever-changing algorithms and will have the strongest possible SEO foundation. We know your copy needs to serve two masters: the reader and the robot (Google’s web crawling bot). Words matter. You get in-house copywriting experts to ensure your website strikes the right balance, allowing it to rank and convert.

Mobile-First Design/UX

Research shows that over 60% of online searches come from a mobile device. Your website must be mobile-friendly. We think mobile. We plan mobile. We design mobile and we execute mobile.   Don’t rely on a template to automatically create your mobile experience. Get a custom mobile experience designed for today’s mobile-centric users.

Professional Web Development

Our in-house programmers begin when your interior design is approved. You can see how this creates efficiencies. No code is written until the planning is complete. Using your approved CAP as a blueprint, we start building your new custom website to spec. Once programming is complete, you’ll have the opportunity to review a “sandbox” version of the site on our development server. This version stays live even after your site launches, to aid in future training or updating.

Looking for evidence you’ve found the right website developer for you? We’ve designed over 200 websites, and right now, there are ROAR! built websites that have been helping their owners succeed continuously for over 12 years!

Multi-Level Testing

When you have the amount of talent we do, bugs are not an option! Utilizing a proprietary 4-tiered testing process, ROAR! reviews every word, every image, every link, and all of the content across screen sizes and browsers to ensure it looks and functions perfectly. Because we believe so strongly in our proven process, each site launches with a full one-year website warranty: if your website doesn’t work the way your CAP outlines, we fix it for free.

One Year New Website Warranty!

Comprehensive Analytics Installation and Set Up

Data is everything. It helps you see where you’ve been and enables you to get to where you want to go most efficiently. It’s been proven that when companies implement a data-driven strategy, they are more likely to be market leaders.
As Certified Google Professionals, we’ve seen that first hand.

Our professional web design services include assessing and efficiently altering your Google Analytics account to provide you the most accurate data. Whether you have an existing account or need one created for the first time, we make sure your account is set up fully to the conversion level with all of the available functionality in place.

Clean data in — sound decision-making out.

Our Work

Attractive Websites Built to Convert

Your custom-built website is guaranteed to grab the attention of valuable customers at first glance. The famous Stanford Web Credibility Project discovered that users pay far more attention to a website’s visual design than the content when determining its credibility. That means you need a proven, reputable, professional web design company. And that means you need us.

We know it’s got to look incredible to get results. And it will.

  • Lanco Integrated Desktop Composite
    Lanco Integrated Mobile Composite
  • OnSight Industries Desktop Composite
    OnSight Industries Mobile Composite
  • Mallard Systems Desktop Composite
    Mallard Systems Mobile Composite

“We LOVE the website and wanted to say thank you for making this a great experience. Each and every ROAR! Team member was amazing, leading us through the process.”

Babs Heileson
Commercial Flooring Distributors

“Our website was designed and built exactly as we envisioned. The work was completed on time and as professionally as anyone could expect. Every challenge was met and solved quickly and efficiently. Thank you for making our business stronger and more efficient.”

Kirk Troen
Super Holiday Tours

WCAG 2.0 and Section 508

Professional Web Design by Accessibility Compliance Experts

Recent court rulings define websites as a point of public access. That now means your website should be accessible to visually and auditory impaired users who use assistive technology to use the Internet. If not, your company is at risk of a lawsuit under the American Disabilities Act (ADA).

At ROAR! we are leaders in the Website Content Accessibility Guidelines
(WCAG) as both technologists and community advocates. Our professional web design services include ensuring your website will pass the WCAG test. We partner with Lighthouse Works, a non-profit organization employing visually impaired WCAG compliance experts.

Ensure WCAG Compliance
Person who is blind or low vision utilizing their phone text-to-speech functionality
Person using phone to navigate the web

Better Than Mobile Friendly

Powerful Mobile Experiences No Matter the Screen Size

Google rewards mobile-friendly websites, but simply having a mobile version of your website isn’t good enough. Nowadays, mobile-friendly is the web design bare minimum you need to succeed online. At ROAR!, our custom web development experts build responsive websites, meaning they “respond” to any screen size or browser they’re viewed on and, more importantly, for how mobile users actually use websites.

Mobile users want different things from your website, and their attention is usually divided. That means crafting a mobile website experience just for them, and not merely making the desktop version of your website, smaller.

Mobile Web Design Services

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One Year New Website Warranty!