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ADA Website Compliance

WCAG 2.0 and Section 508

You Could Be at Risk of a Lawsuit Because of Your Website

The number of businesses facing lawsuits because their websites are not accessible to visually impaired or auditory impaired users is skyrocketing. Why? If your website isn’t accessible to the visually or auditory impaired, who use assistive technology to browse websites, courts have ruled you could be discriminating against those protected under the ADA.

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How to Protect Your Business

Invest in a WCAG-Compliant Website Design

There’s no better protection from a website accessibility lawsuit than ensuring your website is compliant with the Website Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). Our expertise in building WCAG-compliant websites is seen through our participation at national conferences and our partnership with leading ADA website compliance expert organizations like Lighthouse Works, a non-profit employing visually impaired WCAG compliance experts who test websites to ensure they meet ADA website compliance standards.

With hundreds of companies having already endured the exhaustive litigation of non-compliance, you can save your business time, trouble and money by making sure your website is WCAG compliant now.

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The Next Step

Get Your Website WCAG Compliance Tested

A website accessibility test is the best way to learn what you need to do to ensure your business is not at risk of being sued because of your website. The technical guidelines for ADA website compliance are robust and detailed. Don’t be fooled by free online tests. A complete and thorough WCAG audit will outline the specific changes needed to fend off pending litigation.

The way we see it, no one is better equipped to test a website for WCAG and Section 508 compliance than people who need and use accessible website content every day. For Lighthouse Works here in Orlando, ADA website compliance WCAG testing is not a business function, but “a commitment to serve visually impaired people everywhere.” That’s why we recommend their WCAG compliance audit. Over 100 lawsuits are already filed. Don’t risk exhaustive litigation. Get your website’s WCAG compliance checked, today.

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