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Responsive Websites Ensure Your Online Success

Data shows over 60% of searches online come from a mobile device. That’s billions of searches every single day all happening on smartphones or tablets. Because of this, Google recommends mobile-responsive websites, or those that “adapt” to any screen size or browser they’re viewed on. Today, they are the standard. When building these types of sites, however, most web design firms rely on a template, which usually works simply by just making the desktop version smaller. That’s not always a great mobile experience. Mobile users may want different things from your site than desktop users and most mobile users are physically moving so they have a divided attention frame of mind. You have to create an experience just for them which typically takes more thought, more planning and more design than just making the desktop version smaller.

Our UX/UI web development experts go beyond responsive mobile web design by thinking through every step of your mobile user’s experience with advanced customization techniques. Ensure your website will ROAR! on the mobile-first web! Get in touch with one of our mobile web design experts to discuss your website build today.

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15.3s is the average load time for a mobile page

Conversions drop by 20% for each +1s of mobile page load time (February 2018 Google).

Mobile Page Speed

A Fast Loading Website Makes You More Money

50% of people expect your mobile website to load in less than two seconds. In 2018, 52.2% of all global website traffic was generated by mobile phones. With jaw-dropping numbers like this, you can’t afford to skimp on the page speed quality of your mobile web design. If your website isn’t optimized for the average mobile network speed (3G), you’re likely losing over half of your website traffic because of slow loading page speeds. Fewer page visitors, fewer conversions, less money in your pocket.

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Check the Mobile Friendliness of Your Website

Google has a swath of free tools available to check the responsiveness of your website. Test it now with a quick analysis using the Mobile-Friendly Test tool. After a quick scan of your mobile web design, you get a free report detailing how easily a visitor can use your website on a mobile device.

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