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PPC Projector

Get More From Google Ads

This free, easy-to-use tool helps you predict the results of your Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising. See exactly how much you can afford to pay per click with forecasts showing the profitability ranges of your PPC efforts based on numbers you already know. Generating an interactive report, PPC Projector lets you slide and adjust key metrics to explore their effect on your overall profitability. Perfect for business owners, small agencies, marketing professionals, and more. Don’t go into Pay Per Click advertising blindfolded. Forecast your results today.

PPC Projector
an image of our product the Google Ad ROI calculator
phone uploading data to the cloud

PageSpeed Insights

Google's Website Performance Checker

This free Google tool provides you with key insights for the pages on your website. See how Google sees your site and which factors are affecting your website’s performance and ability to rank on search engine results pages. Going beyond page speed, this easy-to-use, free tool makes improving your website performance an actionable reality.

Check My Page Speed