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Attract More Patients With Powerful Healthcare Digital Marketing

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Powerful Turnkey Solutions to Grow Your Practice

80% of Internet users search for health-related content online. That’s a massive healthcare digital marketing opportunity for your practice. Without a solid digital marketing strategy in place, you’ll miss the best opportunity to grow your practice.

You need a proven elective medical and healthcare digital marketing leader on your side, a marketing team that speaks your practice’s language.

That’s where we come in.

From large hospital-owned multi-specialty physician practices to single location urgent care centers, healthcare professionals like you trust us to attract new patients and grow their practice.

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ROAR! into Digital Success


Data. It is the defining difference between healthcare companies that attract new patients cost-effectively online and those that don’t. We ensure you have reliable, understandable data about your online marketing performance. When you have solid data, you risk less and spend more effectively.

Benefit from our 10 years in healthcare digital marketing. We’ve gathered invaluable data from thousands of website visits to healthcare providers just like you. We understand how the healthcare consumer behaves online. Using a proven and experienced healthcare digital marketing agency like us means you won’t pay someone to learn your marketing niche on your dime.

What we do:

  • Lower New Patient Acquisition Cost
  • Attract New Patients
  • Reactivate Past Patients
  • Grow Loyalty and Referrals
  • Break into New Markets
  • Differentiate Your Practice from Competitors
  • Decrease Reliance on Expensive Outbound Marketing Techniques
Optimize Your Digital Marketing

Our Pride

Practices That Trust ROAR!

Doctors and practice managers love our customer service. You’re too busy to track down your digital agency or web guy when you have a problem or a question. Your issues are handled STAT at ROAR! and that’s why many of our elective healthcare practices have been our clients for more than five years.


Getting on a Google search engine results page is one thing. Getting the click is another. Why does a prospective patient click on one listing and not the other? We got the answer through years of testing. Your competitors have evolved. Everyone is now on Google. We help you get to the next level.

It’s about more than visibility. It’s about engagement. It’s about convincing the potential patient you are the perfect practice for them.

  • There are 35 billion Google searches per day.
  • 1% of these searches are related to medical symptoms.
  • That’s 3.5 million online medical searches EVERY DAY – a huge audience from which to grow your practice.

Effectively utilizing every healthcare digital marketing tool and strategy takes experience and know-how. We know what has to be a foundational digital element and what’s a fad.

Patients  who book healthcare appointments run 3x more searchers than those who don’t. You want your website to be in those search results.

We’ll put your practice in front of eager searchers looking for answers to their medical questions using any number of essential digital marketing tools and SEO Strategies.

  • Local Search Strategies
  • Informative Blogs
  • Social Media Marketing
  • PPC Campaigns
  • High Converting & Persuasive Landing Pages
  • Email Marketing
  • Data Insights


You need more high-quality traffic to your website, and we’ll make that happen. Our fully -in-house SEO experts stay on top of Google’s ever-changing search algorithm and continuously adjust your healthcare digital marketing SEO strategies, improving your search engine ranking.

A recent Think With Google study revealed that search engines drive three times as many searchers to healthcare websites than any other marketing source. That’s why successful healthcare practices prioritize organic search. They understand that their potential patients are researchers looking for symptoms, treatments, reviews, and names of possible ailments  all before they commit to a healthcare provider.

We ensure our healthcare clients are a part of that research.

Imagine the advantage of getting to your potential patients before anyone else does. That’s the power of high-quality SEO services.


Think of local search strategies in your healthcare digital marketing plan like the Yellow Pages of today. People searching for medical care trust Google to lead them to nearby healthcare practices like yours, which is why having an effective local search campaign is so essential.

Prospective patients don’t want to drive long distances to get the help they need. They want a nearby practitioner they can trust.

Connecting your practice to a geography or geographies is both science and art. Every one of our healthcare clients has different challenges. Some practice in small cities, while others have practices in or around larger metro areas. Still, others occupy a physical address with an online reputation for belonging to a different type of business.

We fix them all.

Local search may be your largest and fastest healthcare digital marketing strategy opportunity. Often overlooked and under-appreciated, this digital channel can make an enormous impact on your healthcare practice.

People closest to your medical facility are the easiest to convert from leads to patients.  Use this channel effectively and grab the elusive low-hanging fruit that nourishes your business and grows your practice.


You probably already know how valuable blogs can be, especially informational blogs in your healthcare field. But your busy lifestyle doesn’t afford you the time you need to create content-rich blogs your patients are searching for.

Leave that to us.

Get the incredible benefits of blogging by letting us do the legwork:

  • We carefully research the topics that bring you value. No wasted energy.
  • We study your competitors, ensuring your blogs are the right length to compete effectively.
  • We create an easy-to-follow outline.
  • We polish your draft and incorporate all the best practices for maximum value.
  • We put the blog on your site and stylize it to stimulate visual interest and readability.

Including rich, informative blog posts  in your healthcare digital marketing plan will connect you with more patients when they turn to Google searching for medical advice.


Potential patients increasingly corroborate their online research with a source that’s important to them – their peers. They look to social media for recommendations and confirmations. There’s  value in having a controlled, targeted presence on social media and in  being where your potential patients are gathering information.

Plus, social media  is the most valuable outlet for the helpful content you produce with your blogs. When you produce an  informational goldmine of a blog post, potential patients can share it across various social media platforms.  Done right, this healthcare digital marketing strategy will have people sharing your expertise with their friends and building your brand and online reputation.

Be careful, though. Social media is like junk food; too much of it can be a bad thing. Count on us to incorporate just the right amount of social media presence that complements your healthcare digital marketing.


Right now, as you  read this, someone is looking for a treatment you offer.

PPC through Google Ads is a line-of-sight, direct-as-a-laser, way to reach them.

This healthcare digital marketing medium offers precise control, nearly instant feedback on effectiveness, and the pliability to change the messaging.

PPC is so critical to our healthcare clients’ success we invest in the best talent, industry-leading tools, and a stable of internally developed systems and methodology with our Orlando PPC management to give you the highest opportunity for a measurable, positive return.


Effective healthcare digital marketing depends on successful landing pages. You only have seconds to make the case why the searcher should choose you and not your competitor.

People don’t have to read your website copy. You have to make them want to read.  Design and copy must intertwine like two champion ballroom dancers.

Dozens of clinical trial-like tests and deep dives into the smallest nuances of website user behavior give us insight into what stimulates a website user to act that few other healthcare digital marketing agencies can offer.

Rest assured even the small details matter:

  • Button colors
  • Photo styles and angles
  • Headline copy
  • Space between copy lines
  • Wording on buttons

Aspects you didn’t expect to affect your digital marketing success are now  leveraged for your success. As impatient as website users can be, you want everything to be in your favor for the limited and special opportunity to gain their attention.

Friction equals rejection when it comes to online experiences. Use our expertise in landing pages to help potential patients glide into your practice.


Turn your emails into referral generators. By staying present in your existing and potential clients’ inboxes, you stay fresh in their minds. When they finally decide to go through that treatment or service you offer, you’ll be the first one they think of and finally book that appointment.

While it’s been around awhile, email marketing is still a great way to deliver quality content to targeted patients and develop leads.

A recent study revealed that your patients could be checking their email up to 15 times per day, which means you’ve got that many chances to be seen by your target market. We expertly craft mobile-optimized email blasts to increase brand awareness and develop relevant leads for your medical practice. Through testing and analysis, we will continually bring you results through strategically optimized and well-crafted emails.


Are you taking advantage of your FREE treasure trove of data to improve your online and offline marketing?

Chances are, you’re not. We’ll fix that.

When you act on what your analytics data is saying, you’re setting your healthcare practice up for continued success.  While this integral piece of your healthcare digital marketing plan may seem overwhelming and confusing to you, understanding your analytics is crucial.

That’s why we demystify your Google Analytics data for you.

Our president and CEO, Matt Weber, is a national Google Supported Trainer, who delivers Google Ads and Google Analytics training across the country. Rest assured, we know analytics.

We drill down deep into your analytics to determine how your website is performing. The insight gained through our data investigation enables our team of healthcare digital marketing experts to identify what changes can be made to increase your website’s success.

Matt even created a free analytics tool called Smylelytics, where you can view your website’s performance in an enjoyable, easy-to-understand format.

By closely monitoring your analytics, we can accurately measure your healthcare digital marketing results and fine-tune campaigns to give you a higher ROI.



You do what you do best, and we’ll do the same. When you choose an exceptional healthcare digital marketing team like ours, you can focus on your patients while we focus on generating new patient leads through your customized Digital Marketing plan.

No convoluted jargon. No hiding behind voluminous reports. We use in-house talent to tabulate and deliver your digital marketing results in plain English. Our long client relationships are built on communication and a mutual commitment to your success.

Your healthcare digital marketing plan isn’t a “set it and forget it,” one-size-fits-all project for us. We’ll take the time to listen to your wants and needs and carefully analyze your practice to put you in front of valuable patients. You’ve got enough pressure and responsibility in your practice as it is. You just focus on your patients, and we’ll focus on your digital marketing.

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What Our Clients Say

“Local Search was our most productive and cost-effective marketing effort for driving new patients. Thank you to the team at ROAR for making my job easier.”




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