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Stay Ahead of the Trends and Improve Your Marketing: Your Essential, All-New Digital Marketing Checklist for 2024

6 minute read

Digital marketing continues to evolve rapidly, with new technologies, platforms and consumer behaviors shaping the landscape. According to Fast Company, “Change is the only constant. Organizations and brands that aren’t prepared to change with the times will find themselves perpetually playing catch-up.” To stay ahead of the curve and achieve digital marketing success in 2024,… View Article View More

Explore the Top 5 Social Media Trends for 2024

7 minute read

“Social media’s reach is everywhere these days, as evidenced by the 90% of social media users who are following at least one brand. It’s a powerful illustration of the shift in consumer behavior toward more direct and engaged relationships with brands.” – Forbes As 2024 rapidly approaches, the social media landscape is primed for some… View Article View More

2024 Social Media Demographics: Facebook Makes Great Strides with Older Population

4 minute read

In the rapidly evolving landscape of social media, platforms continuously adapt to shifting demographics and trends. One of the most intriguing shifts in recent years has been the significant increase in older users on Facebook. Once dominated by a younger audience, Facebook has managed to attract a substantial population of older users, bringing about profound… View Article View More