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Why You Can’t Trust “Best Digital Marketing Agency Orlando” Lists

You need help getting your website to rank higher on Google. Your first inclination to find the right agency to help is to hop on Google and type, “best digital marketing agency Orlando.” Easy, right? Just choose the top choice, right?

Not so fast.

How do you know if you can trust those “best digital marketing agency Orlando” list results? Unfortunately, you don’t.

3 Reasons Why You Can’t Trust the Lists:

1. Consider the Source

Everyone considers themselves to be the best, so use caution when a company self proclaims it is the “best” at what they do… Not to mention, they may be claiming they are the best because that’s what they know you are typing into the search bar.

Instead, dig a little deeper and consider the following points when choosing a digital marketing agency in Orlando:

  • Read testimonials on social media and local pages. Getting input from satisfied (or unsatisfied) clients is a more reliable source than from the business itself. (However, beware of Yelp; not everything may be as it seems. Try checking unfiltered reviews.)
  • Get recommendations from other businesses like yours or local groups on social media.
  • Check out the agencies’ blog to get a feel of their voice, what kind of service you’re likely to receive, and where they specialize.
  • Don’t trust guarantees; there are too many factors involved when it comes to delivering results for your business.
  • Look at their work: If you are considering a digital marketing company, take a look at what they’ve done for other clients. Getting a visual of what they’ve done in the past gives you an idea of the agency’s capabilities.

When you click on a list of the “best digital marketing agency in Orlando,” it is essential to note the website or directory listing the information. Some lists charge companies to appear on their lists, meaning their presence on that list is because they paid to be there, not because their performance put them there.

Testimonial reviews of an agency

2. One Size Does Not Fit All

When you search “best digital marketing agency Orlando,” your search results are going to be similar to everyone else’s, but your business is not the same as everyone else’s. Marketing is a highly specialized industry and needs to meet your individual business needs. That means you can’t just pick number one in the “best digital marketing agency Orlando” search results.
Sometimes the largest company in the area that “says” they generate the most revenue is not going to be the right fit for your business. Be sure to do your due diligence in comparing different companies that has experience in your industry.

3. The Agency Itself May Not Be in the City of Orlando to rank for “Orlando.”

If your business is in the Orlando area, it’s natural to search “best digital marketing agency Orlando,” but you may be limiting your options to agencies located within city limits. While there are advantages in choosing a digital marketing agency within driving distance for face-to-face interaction, widen your search to include areas around Orlando.

How to Find a Reputable Agency Rather Than a List of Options:

mobile analytics and social reviews

Rather than picking that top choice on a list that Google gives you, consider the following before choosing a digital marketing agency for your Orlando business:

  • Do They Know Your Industry: Although it may sound appealing, don’t get sucked into a digital marketing agency that claims to serve every industry on the planet. Rather, you should partner with an agency who has a reputation for success in your specific industry.
  • Do They Specialize In the Channels You Need: Be clear about your business’ marketing requirements before you get flustered when a prospective agency asks you lots of questions about your needs. If you need particular expertise in one digital channel over another, be specific in vetting out a digital agencies expertise in that channel. Few digital agencies are experts in every digital marketing area.


Choosing the right digital marketing agency for your business can be tricky, especially when agencies who are masters at digital marketing fluff themselves up on a list designed prove rank. The most important thing to remember after typing “best digital marketing agency Orlando,” is that the first choice isn’t always the best option for your business. Beware of the lists, focus on the proven results.

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